Hot Shots

"Hot Shots" is our approach for highly skilled dancers.

Shimmy Shake encompasses programs and actions for every level of dance. We work with the top dancers in this genre and from associated fields. Professionals can become part of a team operating thoughout the Netherlands and with connections in Europe, who co-operate with and inspire each other, and pass on skills to promising new talent.


If you are interested to be part of the Shimmy Shake team you can send an email to proposing yourself. You should describe what cross-over you do, or why you are interested in cross-over bellydance and what you can contribute to its development. Please add your CV and photo. If suitable, we will contact you for an appointment.

Entry Requirements

  1. You must be at least 21 years of age.
  2. You have successfully been part of the Next Level from the Shimmy Shake program.
  3. Alternatively you have proven dance ability and extensive performing and choreographic experience.
  4. You are passionate about cross-over and fusion belly dance styles and want to be a part of helping the development of this new genre .
  5. You need to be reliable, have a professional approach and have a reasonable amount of time to invest

What to expect

As a Shimmy Shake Hot Shot dancer you can be programmed in the professionals shows, be part of the jury and/or the advice group, be asked to give workshops and coaching and be promoted as a dancer and teacher via our website and events. The job of coach depends on your personal abilities and the needs of the dancers to be coached.


  1. Hot Shots are given advance notice and therefore first chance to register for master classes with international top talents
  2. Hot Shots make up the largest part of Shimmy Shake Shows, can be coaches and give workshops.
  3. Hot Shots can be invited to make a 15 minute work, and if this is a success, to continue to make an evening filling choreography. (Subject to the availability of funds)
  4. Shimmy Shake is in the process of setting up a national network for Fusion dancers for exchange, workshops and performing in each other’s shows
  5. Shimmy Shake is in the process of setting up an international exchange for the Hot Shots, Next Level and Factor CO dancers for a variety of exchange possibilties.


We expect a fully professional approach to coaching, including accountability. Coaches are required to be in attendance at the final presentation of their student. Coaches are required to be familiar with and put into practice the “Theater and Coaching Knowledge” as explained during the obligatory workshop before any coaching starts. Coaches are our ambassadors and promoters to the general public and other dancers!