Nakari Tribe - Austrian ATS (all levels)

Nakari Tribe| AT

Austrian ATS (all levels)


Address & Pricing

  • Location: Maaspodium
  • Zaal 1
  • Tickets: € 37,50


The ITS‘Wüstenrosen’ format has been developed by this Vienna-based tribe and is steadily spreading over Austria. The ‘Wüstenrosen’ format has at its core the American Tribal Style by FatChanceBellyDance, with Blacksheep Bellydance and Gypsy Caravan variations and a growing number of their own creations and variations. The clear and logical structure allows easy understanding by other ITS or ATS dancers. Try this exciting new ATS style and improve and broaden your own dance vocabulary. Let’s us dance together, which is what tribal is ultimately about!

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