Nargis Coors - Salimpour Technique

Nargis Coors | NL

Salimpour technique (all levels)

Address & Pricing

  • Location: Maaspodium
  • Zaal 2
  • Tickets: € 12,50 per workshop, € 30 for all 3


Proper form and techniques are needed to build muscle memory to execute powerful “core” isolations within your dance. In the Suhaila Format the dancers work towards good coordination, deep muscular isolation and body awareness.The ultimate goal of the Suhalia workshop is to be able to travel whilst performing one or two hip and upper body movements, often with different timing.Nargis will also go into musical concepts. In this introduction workshop you will learn via drilling, which will also enrich your own training. Prepare to sweat! Suitable for all styles of belly dance and any other dance style!

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Combine this workshop with Tribal Bellydance by Joyce Benschop and Balkan Fusion Dance by Ana Baric and pay only €30,- instead of € 37,50!

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About Nargis Coors

Nargis is from Indian heritage and lives in the Netherlands. She started her dance education with ballet followed by jazz. After years of BharataNatyamtraining Nargis performed for the first time in 2002. Continuously seeking out new challenges she soon discovered Bellydance in 2005. Always eager to learn a solid dance foundation, good skills and the background history, Nargis started learning theSuhailaSalimpour format. Today Nargis is a high level certified dancer in both Suhaila and Jamila Format, she regularly travels to the USA to continue being mentored by SuhailaSalimpour herself.

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