Shimmy Shake Gala Show

Shimmy Shake Gala Show


Address & Pricing

  • Location: Maaspodium
  • Zaal 1
  • Tickets: € 20


Always a highlight of the festival with an amazing international line-up of top dancers! Ashley Lopez from San Francisco, Samantha Emmanuel/Vagabond Princess from France, Nakari Tribe from Austria, Adriana Sotero from Portugal and of course our very own Tjarda van Straten who is a world-wide headliner performing with her Amano Company and in a duet. As well as Nargis Coors this year Aisa Lafour (top belly dancers) will perform! A special treat is the Dutch Tribal Collective, a group 12ATS dancers from all over Holland. All preceded by the inspiring five dance acts including Sarah Safi Harb, that have been coached in our program the Next Level for advanced dancers. A feast for the eyes and ears!

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