Shimmy Shake Talent Search 2019

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Every year Shimmy Shake organizes a nation-wide Talent Search to discover new Fusion Bellydance talent and to help the dancers improve their level. The Talent Search is also a day to simply join in and dance even if you don’t want coaching or feedback. You sign up, present your work and receive feedback (if you want it) from our panel of experts. After the four Talent Search days 12 dance acts will be chosen for individual coaching and to perform their improved work at the Talent Carnival. In 2018 the Talent Search will have a different structure.The well-loved Factor CO (since 10 years) will be transformed into the Shimmy Shake Talent Search with three different sections.

3 different sections

Dancers of all levels are invited to dance at these friendly dance gatherings for a small public of family and friends. Everyone is welcome to dance! There must be a minimum of 30% Bellydance in your Fusion choreography.Whether you are a beginner or a more professional dancer, our expert panel will give everyone encouraging feedback about your dance and you receive a film clip of your act. On Wednesday 1 May we will announce which acts will receive this coaching and go on to perform on stage at the Talent Carnival, Sunday 9 June in Rotterdam.

Talent Search coaching places are also available for Belgium and German dancers.

2. TALENT SEARCH CHOOSING FUSION- introduction to Fusion Bellydance
We invite dancers of all styles who are interested in Fusion Bellydance and would like to learn how to incorporate this style into their own dance vocabulary to participate in the Talent Search. This year we have created a second category for interested dancers who can try out for a coaching place by dancing their own style and having the desire to learn fusion! After seeing your dance act (any style) we will choose which dancers will be granted coaching to develop it into a Fusion Bellydance act to be performed on stage at the Talent Carnival, Sunday 10 June in Rotterdam.

3. TALENT SEARCH INTERNATIONAL DANCE EXCHANGE – participation in dance project
We will make a co production with an international partner that will be part of the Shimmt Shake festival in Rotterdam and the festival of the partner organisation. The Talent Search in each city in the Netherlands will function as the audition for dancers who have the ambition to join in this international project. Dancers need a good level to apply.

Shimmy Shake Finale
Talent Carnival Mystic Garden 2017

What to expect

Talent Search and Choosing Fusion - if chosen you will receive 2 individual coaching sessions of 90 minutes in the Studio of the coach. There will be enough time between to work with the instructions. Last session must be at least 2 weeks before the Talent Carnival. Your dance act will be performed at the Talent Carnival on June 10 2018. The Talent Carnival is a day full of meeting old and new friends, a bazaar with all kinds of stands, dance demo’s and the showcase of our Talent Search coached dance acts and guest appearances.

International Dance Exchange – the organization of the exchange is being developed over the next 2 months. We expect at least 2 visits to the chosen city – one to practice together and one for the performance. Further there will be a choreographers exchange, and learning form YouTube films. Details to be known end of February 2018.

Our teachers

Our team is made up of carefully selected professional dancers and coaches, covering many techniques and skills, such as Tjarda van Straten, Maya Acid, Nadiya Natali, Piet Rogie, Nargis Coors, Aisa Lafour and Esther Nederpelt.

Participants of the Talent Search 2017

Entry Requirements

  1. You must be at least 16 years of age.
  2. Your act, solo or in a group, must be original thought up by yourself (no playback).
  3. Your act should be between 3 to 5 minutes long.
  4. For fusion dancers: there must be a minimum of 30% of belly dance in your choreography mixed with another style.
  5. For other dance styles: please state clearly on the enrolment form which style you dance.

Sign up for the Talent Search!

To be eligable to join in you must fill in an online registration form, and pay a small registration fee. You state in which city you want to perform and if you want to be considered for coaching. You can also just dance for fun or come and look. Entering the Talent Search program is very easy, there are only a few conditions that apply. Click on the link below for more information and the online registration form.

Costs: € 20,- euros to take part in the Talent Search & € 45,- euros for the 2 coaching sessions if you are chosen.

Dates and Locations:

Februari 24 Zutphen - 14:30-16:30 – Sheila's Buikdanscentrum, Groenesteeg 1

March 24 Rotterdam – 14:30-16:30 - Studio Cuartito Azul, Schoterbosstraat 17

April 7 Eindhoven – 14:30-16:30 - Laetana's Bellydance World, Hoogstraat 105A Unit 7

April 28 Groningen – 14:30-16:30 - tba

Deadline Talent Search Zutphen: 10th February 2018
Deadline Talent Search Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Groningen: 10th of March

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