There is no registration required. You will be chosen as a result of your performance during the Talent Show therefore you have already registered and fulfilled the entry requirements. You will however be required to pay an additional fee of € 45,- as a contribution towards the fees of the teachers for this Next Level trajectory.

What to expect

If you are chosen for coaching we will assign to you one or more coaches that we think will further help your dance act and you as a dancer. The coach(es) will work with your Factor CO choreography to achieve an even greater level of competence. Your work will be improved and you will be more professional in your approach.

The selected and coached Next Level dance acts will be presented as part of the programming of the official international Gala Show during the Shimmy Shake Festival on Saturday 11 November 2017. You will also become part of our pool that can be programmed in shows or take part in projects.


Availability of the full coaching program for 2014 and beyond is completely depending on the status of funding applied for by us at funding bodies. Please contact us for further details.

Next Level Results

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