Shimmy Shake

Shimmy Shake is founded and produced by LiteSide.


LiteSide, a project of the not-for-profit foundation New European Cultural Collaborations, started in 2006 and is based in Amsterdam. LiteSide presents and promotes innovative, fusion arts and culture focussing on crossing the boundaries of art forms within a wide range of disciplines. LiteSide organises various  events and projects that showcase, support and develop the new art that is being created thanks to the influence of the current Diaspora from (Middle) Eastern lands to the West. LiteSide activities include cross-cultural cooperation, talent development, events, productions and festivals. The most wellknown of our projects is the Amsterdam based LiteSide Festival.

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Our History

In 2007 Shimmy Shake began as a competition for amateur cross-over belly dancers. Inspired by Shakira (pop singer) the aim was to discover which dancers were experimenting with crossing belly dance with their own personal style. The response was overwhelming making the Shimmy Shake Cross-over belly dance competition a yearly event for amateurs and professionals. The interest continued to grow and so has the concept developing into a yearlong multi-layered Dance Development program including, coaching at various levels, workshops and master classes, festivals and events, career management, artistic exchanges touring and producing shows.

Our Future

Interest continues to grow and so will our concept; developing into a yearlong Dance Development program including: a coaching program, workshops and master classes, festivals and events, career management, artistic exchanges, touring and producing shows.


Our board and management members are:


Our financial team consists of:

Artistic Advice

The following talents are part of our artistic advice group:

Tjarda van Straten

Tjarda van Straten Her dance background includes modern, flamenco and tango through to improvised movement and advises on programming. As a pioneer of Tribal Fusion she is internationally well/known and has been a major inspiration for all new developments.

Jihane El Fahidi

Jihane El Fahidi is an actress, dancer, show host and presenter, with a background in Salsa and Belly dance. She has performed in many of our shows, and although now concentrating on her acting career, she is still closely involved.

Aisa Lafour

Aisa Lafour is a professional belly dancer, also specialized in Latin/Brazilian dance her own dance school and successful company: Deyy el Amar Ensemble. She advises on programming and some commercial aspects of the work. 

Nargis Coors

Nargis Coors is a Bellydancer, teacher and choreographer with her Nargis Bellydance school and is a qualified teacher and performer of Bharata Natyam, from which she developed Bellynatyam. Also a coach she gives artistic and organisational advice.

Maya Acid

Maya Acid (Renate Bakker) is a tribal and fusion belly dancer known for her exceptional stage presence, after working for many years with Tjarda, she now has her own school and focuses on her  solo dancing. Renate is supporting  us in developing  our base in Rotterdam. 


Arya has developed her own style of Belly and Fusion dance inspired by Suhaila and Jamila Salimpour, from whom she learnt to work with zills, for which she has now set up an educational web shop. Also a coach Arya gives artistic and organisational advice.

Sheila Zeebregts

Fifteen years ago Sheila started teaching oriental dance, and she has become internationally well known as a dancer, gives workshops, and has her owns school for Oriental and Indian dance. She is helping develop our base in Eastern Holland.   

Sulayca Soijo

Schooled in martial arts and classic bellydance, Sulayca started teaching and performing Dark Fusion several years ago, starting up her own dance company called Holy Pie. Sulayca inspires many starting dancers to continue. 


Yamila set up the Dance of the Dawn Foundation (1997) for promoting the art of oriental and Fusion dancing including Belly Break which she developed. Activities include  a dance school in Eindhoven, Luik and Heerlen, and an International Festival (Factor CO will join in 2014).  


Photography by multiple photographers, including Ronnos, Bert Verleur, Sujata Muhander, Marscha van Druuten (Odiza Fotografie). All photos an this site are either owned by LiteSide, the photographer or are provided by one of the participants. Contact us for details if you would like to reuse an image.

Our Skills

Talent Scouting, Coaching and Training, Workshops and Master Classes, Presentations, Productions and Touring, Artistic Advice and Programming, Exchanges, International Network

Breaking news

Program Shimmy Shake Festival 2018 online!

The Shimmy Shake Festival 2018 is almost there! Put 9, 10 and 11 November in your agenda and come and join us for amazing shows, inspiring workshops and a lot of fun!

Check the program and get your tickets for the shows and workshops so you can secure your spot!

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International Exchange Opportunity!

Want to be part of an international dance project? Be coached by Eliana Hoffman and perform in the coming Shimmy Shake and World of Orient Festivals?

We are happy to announce a great opportunity! The lovely Diana Dance who won her place in this project at the Hannover Tribal Festival 2018 unfortunately can't take her place in the project. A big chance for you!


Closing date to apply: 5 September 2018 at 17.00.

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Talent Search, Talent Carnival and The Next Level 2018!

With glorious weather on Sunday 10 June we were back with the Talent Carnival in Theater ‘t Kapelletje, Rotterdam. The sun gods shone on us making a magic atmosphere in the Mystic Garden.  As always the delicious catering of El Yasmine – Veggie Galore – was a big hit, the market stands exciting and colorful and with the lovely dancers on the Open Stage in the garden the afternoon was complete.  As so many people wanted to see the Talent Show in the theater last year we performed it twice this year.

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Flyer Talent Carnival available for download

Mail, print, post it: the Shimmy Shake Talent Carnival is coming up! To help you invite your friends, family and fellow dancers you can now download the flyer for your own use.  Let us know how you are making noise for the Shimmy Shake Talents :-) 

Do you have a dance group? Challenge them to join the open stage and show off your talents in the Mystic garden. Open for solos and duets too! Register by completing this form

There are some spots for the market available too! If you'd like to offer your product to 200+ visitors, send an e-mail to