♫ Shut up and dance with us ♫

Published on 22 October 2019 at 17:26

Since you are reading this, you have probably heard about Shimmy Shake. It is our goal to promote and evolve Tribal Fusion Bellydance in the Netherlands! We bring dancers, teachers and enthousiast together in our community, help develop talented dancers in the Talent Search and Next Level and put this amazing dance genre in the spotlight during the Shimmy Shake Festival. A year full of dancing, shimmy’s and shaking!

Do you like to dance? GREAT! Come and join us! No matter what age you are, how many years of experience you have or where you live, there is always a way to come and dance with us! Here listed are four ways to get involved in the upcoming weeks. Dance, dance, DANCE!

1. Join the Surprise Bellydance Fusion Flashmob in Rotterdam

For several years now, we organize a yearly tribal fusion bellydance flash-mob in the Rotterdam city center. We saw an amazing collaboration with Tjarda van Straten and HipSick in Rotterdam Central (train)station in 2014. In de following years several big group performances followed on the Markthal square and on the stairs for the Rotterdam WTC with Maya Acid Performance Group and Dutch Tribal Collective.

This year, we have a new flash mob partner! The Rotterdam based bellydancer Adrijana Beumer and her Bellyssima Buikdansschool. This summer they won the group price in the Big Truck Dance Challenge. This prize-winning performance is the base of this year’s flash mob, and you can join them! Learn the choreography and dance along on the steps of Rotterdam WTC.

Click here for more information about this project

Pssst, is the above video a bit to hard/fast for you? There is also a beginners variation ;)

2. Broaden your dance skills with the Step-Up program

Try out something new during the Shimmy Shake Festival! Here is your chance to learn the basics of Waacking, Capoeira or American Tribal Style (ATS). Join in for a good training or just dance for fun. See which style suits you the best or enrich your current moves. Get a taste of something new, that’s what the step-up program on the festival Sunday (November 10th) is for!

The workshops are relatively short, so you can get a “taste” of a lot of different dance styles. Each lesson lasts for 50 minutes to give you time to get ready for the next one. We start with Waacking by Piny Orchidaceae at 13h, Then Capoeira with Contramestre Lisette at 14u, and we finish with and introduction to ATS with Patricia Zarnovican at 15h.

Workshops can be bought separately for €12,50 per workshop, or as a block for just €30,-

3. Experienced dancer? Join Piny Orchidaceae in this years 3-hour intensive

Are you an experienced dancer and do you want to enrich your dance skills? Then the 3-hour dance intensive is there for you. This year, the urban fusion dancer Piny Orchidaceae will teach the intensive with the title: Moving Around, Playing with Space.

Tribal Fusion Bellydance + Contemporary dance + House Moving. Using the on and off-balance to do it, changing directions, crossing the floor. Liquid motion through a spontaneous, breezy body. Low flights through the floor, drops, and slides that make us move around. We turn, spin and jump, adding directions and intentions. The main idea is movement through space and a full understanding of space and body in their tri-dimensionality.

This year intensive starts at 16:30 on Friday, November 8th. Get your tickets here!

4. Get discovered (or join just to have fun!) in the Talent Search

This is how Shimmy Shake began, with the talent search! In the years it has changed in form, but the idea is the same: we are looking for fusion bellydance talent, surprising performances and looking to see what all the different parts in the Netherlands have to offer.

Everybody who dances can join the Talent Search! No matter your experience level, or background. There are 3 different categories you can join. There is the basic Talent Search, let us see what you can do and (if you want to) you will receive feedback from some of the best fusion bellydancers in the Netherlands and maybe even be coached! Then there is the ‘go fusion’ track for dancers with little to no background in bellydance but want to discover the genre. And last but not least there is the dancers' audition for experienced to professional dancers: let us see what you are capable of, and maybe we will ask you for future Shimmy Shake projects.

More information about the Shimmy Shake Talent Search will be available soon! Follow us on Facebook & Instagram, or check the website regularly for the latest information.