Pop-up performances

Shimmy Shake co-operated with Tribal Fusion and Bellydance schools all throughout the Netherlands to organize pop-up performances in a studio, on the street or in a park, or at an event! Any number of dancers could join in these joyous dance moments and any of the dance acts from the wide repertoire of our dancers could be performed. Or we made something to match the occasion!

Pop-UP performances can be used to celebrate the start of a festival, or during, to liven up the public, or at the end for a spectacle! We can dance in front of a shop for publicity. We can perform on the stage, or in the public to get everyone dancing together. We have a range of Tribal styles and also belly dancers. Styles can include ATS which can look very like gypsy dance, Tribal Fusion – a dance for one or more with modern costumes that often include ethnic references, Dark Fusion where the look is tough and the music to match, serene or poetic dance…. We have it all.

We also often worked together with the Dutch Tribal Collective – a joining up of 3 dance tribes – from Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and the Hague, who perform ATS in large groups with fabulous costumes and clashing finger cymbals! Very joyous and colorful!

Dancers who joined in the Talent Search become automatically eligible to be part of the Pop-UP performances.

Pop-up ATS performance by the Dutch Tribal Collective at the 'Koopgoot' Rotterdam

Group-performance with dancers from all over the Netherlands at Rotterdam Central Station