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Hello! Happy days – here, at long last, is a message from Shimmy Shake! Since our last message a rest and recuperation period was needed for our already retired Gail Pilgrim. However, it seems a lot of you are missing us, and we miss you too! So, we will start up again. Fresh, in a new form AND with a new board.

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News from Shimmy Shake - summer 2023

Dear Shimmy Shake fans! Here is a long-awaited update on our activities. Sad to say, over a period of one and a half years andafter putting very much energy into getting our very special project I AM WOMAN off the ground, we have had to give up. Such a pity! Such a missed opportunity for theaters, the cultural world, and the general public!

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New project by Shimmy Shake for 2023

We are happy to announce that Shimmy Shake is preparing something brand new. As you may know, Gail, the producer of Shimmy Shake has taken a step backwards from ‘active service’ and the festival will not take place anymore. Fortunately Gail has trouble sitting still and thus has started working on a new project...

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A new direction for Shimmy Shake

After a break, Shimmy Shake is reinventing itself. As you know, the festival is not taking place again. But Shimmy Shake is still alive! Gail has decided it's time for something new. We will not tell you just yet but something new is cooking and we're taking things in a slightly different direction. Still tribal fusion of course.

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Shimmy Shake stops end 2020

Hereby we are letting you know that the Shimmy Shake Organisation as it has been until now: Talent Search, Talent Carnival, Hafla, Flash Mob, Dancers Dealings, Next Level and our Festival, will officially stop at the end of this year. The Golden Girls project will continue – we have gifted it to Renate Bakker, along with all the costumes and props. Currently discussions are taking place about the possibility to pass along some elements of Shimmy Shake to others.

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Shimmy Shake Festival 2020 cancelled

In recent weeks it looked as if we could organize a corona-proof Shimmy Shake Festival - despite all the measures. It was therefore a huge disappointment to hear that all theaters have to close their doors for two weeks.

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Keeping up with Shimmy Shake