Published on 13 April 2024 at 19:57

Hello! Happy days – here, at long last, is a message from Shimmy Shake! Since our last message a rest and recuperation period was needed for our already retired Gail Pilgrim. However, it seems a lot of you are missing us, and we miss you too! So, we will start up again. Fresh, in a new form AND with a new board.


Shimmy Shake is coming back with a new board who will enthusiastically continue the great work that has already been done. Specifically, the empowerment of women and the importance of coming together and dancing. Gail will still be involved, her experience and contacts go way back, but in a much smaller role in the background as an advisor.


Shimmy Shake New Style will include many fusion styles, and a lot more belly dance. Moving forward this organisation will rely on all of you as a community working together, and co-operating to organize the future events. Together we are stronger!


To make this all possible we do need your help. Because to be honest and real, we are about to run out of money. Before we can have the new organization up and running and organize events again, we do have running costs such as the website, bank account and other yearly business costs. These last two years we did this on savings, but they are running very low.


This is why we have started a donation page. All amounts, big or small will be joyfully received! If we get a 100 people giving at least €15,- we can continue for several months. So spread the word and help us make this comeback possible!


Are you a business owner or do you know a business that wants to support our empowering organization? We are a foundation with a ANBI status which makes donations fiscally deductible for Dutch corporations. For more information about a corporate donation for Shimmy Shake, you can send an e-mail to Gail@shimmyshake.org


Do you want to donate AND re-experience Shimmy Shake again? Come to our benefit event! This is our chance to reunite with all of you again! We are still planning the event, but we can already tell you there will be LOTS of dancing involved. Put on your most colourful outfit and join us!


As said, we are still planning BUT we do have a date and place fixed. Mark you calendar: Sunday May 19th from 19H in Café Belcampo, Amsterdam. Tickets will go on sale soon. Do not forget to sign-up for our newsletter or follow us via Facebook or Instagram to get all the info. We can’t wait to see all you Shimmy Shakers again! And our new and advanced supporters!

Enquiries: Gail@shimmyshake.org

Dancers and teachers of the Fusion, Tribal and Bellydance styles are spread throughout the world, with many in the Netherlands. Shimmy Shake has been uniting and strengthening the ‘movers and shakers’ since 2012 and starting the Nation Network in 2015. In 2019 we renamed the National Network to be the Shimmy Shake community and opened the doors to all enthusiasts wherever they come from. We are a very proud, colourful, warm and most of all empowering community!

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