Shimmy Shake Tribal and Fusion Network

A wide collective of Tribal and Fusion dancers!

Dancers and teachers of the Tribal and Fusion Bellydance style are spread throughout the Netherlands. In 2015 Shimmy Shake started uniting and strengthening the ‘movers and shakers’ in each region by starting the Shimmy Shake National Network. We have regularly organized meetings with active key people: very motivated and active choreographers/teachers/dancers, where they meet up and discuss their work. There are 5 sections – North, South, East, West, Middle. During the Network meetings the members exchange experiences, passing work onto one another, jointly organizing events and visiting each other’s workshops. As a nation-wide group we all come together at least once a year during the National Network Meeting which is part of the Shimmy Shake Festival. In 2019 we renamed the National Network as the Shimmy Shake Community. This Community is about solidarity and cooperation among the dancers. A community in which you can be active in the way that suits you best.

How do I become a community member?

The most important condition is: you have to be passionate about Tribal and/or Fusion Belly Dance! The Shimmy Shake Community is open to all dancers, teachers, students, choreographers and other kind of enthusiasts of this genre, who want to help lift Tribal Fusion Bellydance to a whole new level in the Netherlands.

As a community member you are one of the special Tribal and Fusion enthusiasts in a broad network dedicated to this genre. You will spread your enthusiasm about Tribal and Fusion Bellydance where you can. Be a part of us people who are helping in the visibility and advancement of this genre! Tell your friends about your dance passion, or tell your dance classmates about the possibilities there are due to Shimmy Shake, the Talent Program, Talent Carnival and of course the annual international Shimmy Shake Festival. Together with the Community we all work towards a stronger and better organized Tribal and Fusion world. The Shimmy Shake Community depends on your attendance and input during meetings (once in your region, and/or during the annual national meeting during the Festival in November). And most importantly: just be at the events and have fun! The Community is YOU. So you come then at least once a year to one of the following: meetings, Talent Search afternoons, Festivals or special Community events (but feel free to join at any time!!).

Very active? Become a Shimmy Shake Ambassador!

Very active and enthusiastic Community members have achieved the honored position of Shimmy Shake Ambassador. Most of the ambassadors are dance teachers or dancers who perform regularly. You too can progress to being an ambassador.

What are my duties as an ambassador?

As an ambassador you are required to attend your regional meetings, be active in helping them to be well attended and assist in thinking up agenda points. When there is a Shimmy Shake activity in your region you energetically promote it, including getting dancers and dance groups to sign up for the Talent Search and encouraging their friends and family to come and see them. You could be the person who organizes the Talent Search or anyway help them with this event in your area with things like ticket sales, decorating the studio, getting snacks for the expert panel, etc. Each member supports the others and Shimmy Shake in what we do. Each member promotes the Tribal and Fusion Genre toward recognition and always higher levels.

What do I get?

You become part of the exclusive group of Shimmy Shake Ambassadors which makes you one of an active group of highly motivated dancers who work continually to promotion this wonderful dance genre. You are informed of the most recent developments and dance possibilities immediately; you are part of the decision making on important subjects. You represent the wider community!

You make new friends and get new colleagues who support and help each other, invite each other to dance at their events and join in exclusive Community events. Your photo and information is posted on our website, on the honor site for active Community members. You get advance knowledge of any special classes, including masterclasses, and the opportunity to sign up, well ahead of other dancers and the general public. We are available to coach you in various aspects of this work. And you'll have the first pick in tickets and workshops for the Shimmy Shake Festival.

Do you want to be part of our community? Yes yes! You are so welcome! Just sent an e-mail describing what you can contribute to our community to / and we will introduce you as soon as possible.

Shimmy Shake World-Wide Community

Having started in 2007 Shimmy Shake is now a well-known organization in the Netherlands and abroad. Starting as a competition our work has constantly organically expanded and now features a yearlong teaching and coaching trajectory growing from the needs of the dancers. In the Netherlands we work with many Fusion and Bellydance schools and co-operate with dancers from other genres. Since 2014 we organize an annual International Festival for Tribal and Fusion bellydance that attracts a wide public and puts this new dance genre firmly on the map.

Thanks to our 12 years of existence we have contact with quite a large community. We work constantly with enthusiastic dancers and teachers from all over the world who, like us, are extremely motivated and driven to achieve for Tribal and Fusion Belly Dance the success and recognition that it deserves


A selection of the international teachers and dancers who we have worked with in the last 5 years include:
Sharon Kihara, Kari from Unmata, Kami Liddle and Ashley Lopez from the USA, Piny and Leo Orchidacae from Portugal, Anasma, Samantha Emmanuel/Vagabond Princess and Haza from France, Caterina Grimaldi from Italy and Morgana and Mar Gonzalvez from Spain, Alexis Southall and Hilde Canoodt from the UK, Olga Meos from Kazakhstan, Natasha Korotkina from the Ukraine, Eliana Hofmann, Swey Efe, Diana Dance, The Glass Eaters and Mareike Dance from Germany and Nakari Tribe from Austria.