The Shimmy Shake Community

A wide collective of Tribal and Fusion dancers!

The Shimmy Shake Community is about solidarity, support and cooperation among the members. Dancers and teachers of the Fusion and Tribal Bellydance style are spread throughout the world, with many in the Netherlands. Shimmy Shake has been uniting and strengthening the ‘movers and shakers’ since 2015 (in 2019 we renamed the National Network to be the Shimmy Shake Community). We regularly organize meetings and events with motivated and active key-people.


In the Netherlands we have 5 sections (North, South, East, West, Middle) where members meet up and exchange experiences, pas work onto one another, jointly organize events and visit each other’s workshops. As a nation-wide group we all come together at least once a year during the Community Network Meeting which is part of the Shimmy Shake Festival.   


How do I become a member?

Since we launched the Community, many dancers, teachers, students, choreogaphers and other kind of enthusiasts have asked to become a member. In reaction we made membership now possible on three levels of involvment. The most important condition is: you have to be passionate about Tribal and/or Fusion Bellydance and willing to help lift Tribal & Fusion Bellydance to a whole new level!

1) Community Member

To be a member you must be actively involved with Fusion and Tribal dance, and passionate about promoting it. You can also join if you live outside the Netherlands. Membership means you receive our newsletter, therefore being in touch with our events and plans and can tell us about yours to publish.
Further we expect you to encourage dancers to join in all activities, as do you. Tips about new talent are welcome.

2) Ambassador

This is a special group of dancers and teachers who are very active in their support of the community. They are organising their own events and special coaching and are asked by us to: visit festivals and events on behalf of Shimmy (costs covered), find new talent and to promote cooperation. They help organise the Talent Search and come with their students as participants. They join in the expert panel and act as coach and are in our shows.

3) Queens

These are the top dancers who have been there since the beginning. Their contribution is already enormous. They are asked for expert panel and coaching and for performances in shows. We call them the first generation. They are not required to come to all Community meetings as these are for the new generation who are coming up now.

Do you want to be part of our community?

Annelies Jansen and Senta Schuijers-Lauterslager will keep the Shimmy Shake Community group on Facebook alive. You can contact Senta via and Annelies via Facebook messenger (

Please describe what you can contribute.