Dancers Dealings 2020

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So you wanna do business?

When you are having the time of your life as a dancer, you might want to take it a step further. For a lot of dancers, especially those who are self-taught, this can be a troublesome and scary process. To provide information and guidance for those who are around longer but also struggling from time to time, we introduce Dancers Dealings.

Dancers Dealings is a business program, put together especially for dancers. In five workshops we work on skills and disciplines, needed to make your dance business into a great success! We work on entrepreneurship and business skills. Learning how to finance your work, and start developing a strategy to find an audience and reach them off- and online.

Photo by Ivan Radic

Our specialists



Raisa is a photographer that (usually) travels the world for weddings and commercial shoots. She now also coaches other creatives to grow their business

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Gail Pilgrim

Financing & fundraising

Gail is the initiator and director of Shimmy Shake and has 45 years of experience in starting up new initiatives and leading them to fruition.

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Frank van der Schaar

PR & (free) publicity

Frank has many years of experience in the marketing and communication field. In 2016 he made the decision to go back to and specialise in “old-school” offline communication.

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Terya Sarrucco

Online marketing & socials

Terya helps digital-savvy entrepreneurs win the battle for attention on social media, so they can gain more fans and win clients. She is the owner of Social Valkyrie.

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And your host for the day

Eva Haasnoot

Eva has a master's in Arts & cultural studies and specializes in Publiekswerking, a new way of approaching an audience. She worked for Nederlandse Dansdagen and Cultuurmarketing. Right now she does marketing and publicity for Shimmy Shake.

Eva will be your host for the Dancers Dealings program and lead an exercise in defining your audience.

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