Published on 28 April 2024 at 13:41

Hello Shimmy Shakers, new and old friends, and all interested persons,

Do you know the charming Café Belcampo, part of De Hallen, in Amsterdam West?

To help our Shimmy Shake revival, the lovely manager Gary will donate this café to us for an entertaining night of merriment. On Sunday may 19th, thirty dancers will perform for us their various Belly and Tribal Fusion dance shows. The show starts at 19h. After this, we will dance together to the exceptional Fusion sounds of a fabulous DJ.


Come on and let’s play together!

Shimmy Shake is back!

After being silent for 3 years we have decided that it’s time to get back to work. In the old days we used to survive on ticket sales and mainly subsidies but those days are gone. In our absence we still paid simple running costs such as the website, email, bank account, and alike. Now is the time to organize a fun event to see each other again and raise some money to be able to kick start our activities again. Starting with the BIG FUN BELLY BENEFIT on Sunday may 19th!

Dance acts! Seeing each other! After party! Buy your tickets here right now. There is limited capacity and so the tickets are limited. Everyone is so happy that we are doing something again. Don’t miss out.

Big Fun Belly Benefit

The benefit event on Sunday May 19th (Pentecost day) in Café Balcampo in Amsterdam will provide a delightful evening of top-class Belly dance and Tribal Fusion performances featuring show by a total of 30 colourful dancers. The show starts at 19h. And as said earlier, after this amazing show we will dance to the lively sounds of a fabulous DJ!

We are delighted to announce that the Nexus group will perform at the Big Fun Belly Benefit. With amongst others – Themis, Zsenith and Linda-Maria! Can’t wait! Also, the beautiful Sarah Safi Harb will dance with her student group. And a new surprise for us is a performance by Helene Boedrie from Bellydance Lelystad. She will dance in a Shimmy Shake event for the first time and we are delighted to welcome her in our warm community.

More dancers are confirming, and we will keep you up to date. Keep an eye on our website which we are working on to update it right now.

This event is a benefit evening for the Shimmy Shake group who have organized coaching sessions, bazars, workshops, and excellent events including the annual international Shimmy Shake Festival. After 3 years out due to several factors including Corona, with a new board backing them, and your support, they will soon be back in business. Get your tickets now! Come and play with us!

If you are delighted we are back but can’t make it on Sunday 19 May in Amsterdam then you can also contribute by donating online

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