News from Shimmy Shake - summer 2023

Published on 13 July 2023 at 09:17

Dear Shimmy Shake fans! Here is a long-awaited update on our activities. Sad to say, over a period of one and a half years and
after putting very much energy into getting our very special project I AM WOMAN off the ground, we have had to give up. Such a pity! Such a missed opportunity for theaters, the cultural world, and the general public!

In spite of intense attempts to book this work, trying in Nederland, Germany and Belgium, there was not a theater or festival that was brave enough to program this brilliant show! Imagine: a bellydance based international Tribal Fusion production, featuring the best dancers from all over Europe, stunning visuals, and an extraordinary music experience composed specially for this. Too ambitious? Maybe… More like the taboo that surrounds bellydance continues to block this valuable dance genre and its marvelous innovations from getting the recognition it deserves. The old story.

But keep your eye on Freya Majestika who is giving weekly bellydance lessons for all levels – directly followed by…. BELLYDANCE JAMS in Amsterdam! A chance to get together and network. Jamming!!! FUN!

We have not given up yet. Now I need some reflection and recuperation time. When a project is brewing, we will let you know. Big shout out to all of you who are teaching, holding training sessions and giving workshops, organizing events, and generally getting on with the wonderful world of Belly dance and fusion!! HOORAY TO YOU.

Have a great dancing summer everyone! 

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