New project by Shimmy Shake for 2023

Published on 12 May 2022 at 14:20

We are happy to announce that Shimmy Shake is preparing something brand new. As you may know, Gail, the producer of Shimmy Shake has taken a step backwards from ‘active service’ and the festival will not take place anymore. Fortunately Gail has trouble sitting still and thus has started working on a new project...

A highly professional tribal fusion dance and live music theater show with some of our favorite dancers in Europe! It will go on tour in several cities in The Netherlands, Germany and Europe from May 2023. Shimmy Shake is currently finishing off the show concept, raising funds and finding suitable locations.

We have the team together, and to give you a little sneak preview of who’s in it… a few of the dancers that will perform in the show you may know from past editions of the Shimmy Shake Festival. To name a few… Nakari (Doro and Michaela) from Vienna and Eliana Hofmann from Germany!

We are very excited and will keep you posted in the coming time about our progress… So keep following us here and on instagram for updates. 


Hope you are as excited as we are!

Much love, the Shimmy Shake team

Gail and Freya



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