A new direction for Shimmy Shake

Published on 11 April 2022 at 14:52

After a break, Shimmy Shake is reinventing itself. As you know, the festival is not taking place again. But Shimmy Shake is still alive! Gail has decided it's time for something new. We will not tell you just yet but something new is cooking and we're taking things in a slightly different direction. Still tribal fusion of course.


Freya Alons has joined Shimmy Shake to work together with Gail on a new large project. We will reveal more about that in a week or so... so stay tuned :-) Freya is a tribal fusion dancer and flow artist with a background in marketing. Freya will also do the communication and social media for Shimmy Shake from now on.


So to get to know her... A little more about her dance journey and how she fell in love with tribal fusion. Freya danced her whole life for fun, trying out many different styles, until she discovered Tribal Fusion, taking lessons with Tjarda van Straten in Den Haag. She always had a big love for art, dance, theater and cultural traditions across the world. 


She was working in marketing and accounts for years when she developed a serious back injury from too much computer work in a lousy posture. Until she was in so much pain that she could not work or do almost anything anymore. She finally found out that her injury could be healed with certain kinds of movement and that those movements overlapped with Tribal Fusion (core training, headslides, spinal rolling...). So she started training Tribal Fusion every day. After a few months she was completely free of pain (hurray), started performing and slowly grew her own business in dance entertainment, making custom concepts for events. In short, dancing this movement style saved and transformed her life.


Her main styles are glam tribal, club fusion and flow arts fusion. She loves dancing with props like sword, veils, fans, fire and poi and adding some theater and acting. The last few years she has been working freelance, creating and producing commissioned events and event entertainment and performing in music festivals and clubs in and around Amsterdam and Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and abroad. She also does fire shows. 


Looking forward to connecting with you all! Be sure to stay tuned for more info about our upcoming project... It's quite exciting :-) Feel free to follow and connect on Facebook or Instagram in the mean time through @shimmyshakeevents or @freyamajestic. 


And hopefully see you at one of our events planned for 2023...


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