Shimmy Shake stops end 2020

Published on 19 December 2020 at 07:08

Hereby we are letting you know that the Shimmy Shake Organisation as it has been until now: Talent Search, Talent Carnival, Hafla, Flash Mob, Dancers Dealings, Next Level and our Festival, will officially stop at the end of this year. The Golden Girls project will continue – we have gifted it to Renate Bakker, along with all the costumes and props. Currently discussions are taking place about the possibility to pass along some elements of Shimmy Shake to others.


The official network Facebook group Shimmy Shake community will be maintained by Annelies Jansen and Senta Schuijers-Lauterslager. Our open Facebook and Instagram page will be maintained by Neko Vleer, on behalf of the larger community.

So stay tuned on social media for further Fusion & Tribal Bellydance news and future updates within the community.