Musicians & Dancers: Unite in Our Mystic Garden

Published on 6 April 2020 at 10:15

Many dancers will tell you that dancing on live music is one of the best feelings in the world. Especially when the music you are dancing on, is made just for that moment. Music and dance become one, lifting the choreography to an all-in performance. Who does not want to experience such a thing?

This year, for the Shimmy Shake Talent Carnival on June 14th, we want to bring together musicians and dancers. They will create a short piece (3-5 minutes) together and perform this in the beautiful garden of Theater ‘t Kapelletje in Rotterdam. This is a fun project for dancers and musician alike, and a really special new experience for visitors of our Talent Carnival. Something to uplift our souls after a rough and anxious few months (hopefully).

Cassandra and Toni performing their Tango Fusion during the Shimmy Shake Festival 2019. Photo by Adriaan Kastelein.

Join Join Join Join Join Join Join Join Join

Are you a musician or in a music study program (for instance a conservatory or other (academic) music program) and would you like to join this project? Let us know! It does not matter what kind of instrument you play of what genre of music. Since we work with fusion dancers, there are a lot of possible collaborations. Just let us know what you could do and we will look for a dancer for you to work with. Interested? Reach out to Sarah who coordinates this project, via

Are you a Fusion Bellydancer who would want to join this project? Awesome! You can also reach out to Sarah via . Please mention your experience level and the fusion styles you could bring into the performance.

Performance by Indian Immersion in the Matinée Mash-Up. November 2019. Photo by Ben van Duin.

Oh and, you do not have to be a solo act to sign-up! Dance groups can also join, as are forms of multiple musicians. Important thing to realise is that the music will be performed acoustically, so no amplifiers. This is because these performances will be in the garden of the theatre and we do not want to disturb the neighbours too much. To add to the au naturel performance, there will be no stage in the garden. You can pick a spot in the grass, or we can lay down some carpets for you to perform on. The ultimate early-summer festival vibe!

Do you want to be a part of this amazing vibe, but are you as a musician not comfortable enough to collaborate with a dancer? No worries, there will probably a moment for you to play as well. Just reach out to Sarah via

Fusion performance with live music by Mar Gonzalves during the 2018 Matinée Mash-Up. Photo by Jean van Lingen.

Would you like to be part of these encounters between musicians and dancers? Or do you know somebody who NEEDS to join this project? Or do you have any questions on how this project will continue and how the coupled dancers and musicians will rehearse? Tell Sarah! Sarah is the coordinator of this project and she can answer all of your questions.