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Published on 3 May 2020 at 09:47

Just a few more days until the second edition of Dancers Dealings on May 17th. This time online! Get ready to jumpstart your business or dust off your entrepreneurial skills and get better then ever. It is a scary time right now, but it is also the time to distinguish yourself as a (professional) dancer or with your dance business.

In February we held the first edition of Dancers Dealings and the reactions were fantastic! That is why we decided to do this second edition, and because of quarantine we are going online!

Dancers Dealings is a business program, put together especially for dancers. In four workshops, one webinar and a thinking exercise about audiences we work on skills and disciplines, needed to make your dance business into a great success! Do you want to know what to expect from this online edition? You will read the full program here:


Photo by Ryan Adams

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Dancers Dealings workshop program

10:30 Start Stream

About half a our before the first workshop starts, you will be able to join our stream via Skype. This time we will use to fix some last minute technical problems but most of all we will use this time as participants to get to know eachother. Just because we are not in a room together, does not mean we can not get to know each other.

11:00 Raisa Zwart Dives Into the Fun World of Business

Raisa is a photographer who (usually) travels the world for weddings and commercial shoots. After 9 year of experience as a creative entrepreneur, she now also coaches other creatives to grow their business. She believes that entrepreneurship can be so much fun ánd can earn you the income that you dream of, and is ready to learn you how she does it. In this workshop, we will dive into the world of business and discover how to make it a fun experience for you.

12:00 Suddenly closed: how did Sheila Meijers proceed in corona time (and how will you?)

On March 16th the Netherlands went into an intelligent lockdown. Almost all places where people gather closed, including dance schools. Almost nobody could have prepared for this, but within days many online initiatives sprouted. Sheila Meijers from Sheila's Buikdanscentrum was among the first to go online. In this workshop, she will tell about everything going on from the first moment she heard her school had to close, to the first online lessons and how she is doing now. There will be plenty of time in this workshop for you to ask your questions, or ask Sheila's feedback on your own ideas.

12:50 - 13:30 (Lunch)Break

Following a workshop behind a screen can be more tiring then it would be in real life. So it is important to take enough breaks. So eat something or let your mind drift for a few minutes. Or let's get to know each other! Running a business is not something you do alone, so get to know those who are in it with you.


13:30 Gail Pilgrim Knows Money Makes the World Go Round

Gail has started many successful projects in her long career. Among them 5 Spices - a series of multidisciplinary interactive artists co-operations in a lounge setting, congratulated by the AFK for innovation in the Amsterdam performance world. She knows the language of money like no other and will share this knowledge with you in this workshop.

14:15 Frank van der Schaar goes back to basic

In our increasingly online world, we sometimes forget how important the offline world is, especially when you are trying to reach an audience. After years of experience in marketing, having worked as a marketing and communications manager for the Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen in Amsterdam and Stadsschouwburg & Philharmonie Haarlem, Frank turned his back on online and went old-school. In this workshop, he will tell you about offline skills and their importance.

15:00 - 15:30 Time to end the day together
Those who want can stay online for a while after the last workshop. We discuss the program and possibly ask some final questions to each other. We are in this together!

Also included in Dancers Dealings

Let’s get social in the online world with Terya online webminair

These days, almost everybody is online. When you are trying to reach an audience, you can not go without online marketing. Especially Social Media, like Instagram and YouTube, are amazing ways to reach a lot of people if you know how to use them to your benefit. Terya, an social media specialist and owner of Social Valkyrie, will give you tips and tricks for a successful social media presence.

You will receive a previous recording of this workshop by Terya. In this video she shared the ways to get into touch with her so feel free to ask her all the questions you may have.

About Audience: A Thinking Excercise

In Dance, audience is an important part of our business. But what is an audience? And can you even talk about an audience, or are there many different audiences? In this thinking excercise you will brainstorm about what your audience looks like. Are these audiences all equally important? Where are they located? And do you address them all in the same way? Having a clear view of your audience and the groups you want to reach helps you develop your business and marketing strategy.

Join us for Dancers Dealings

Because we want to have enough attention to everybody participating in the Dancers Dealings program, we only accept a small group of participants. You can follow the entire program for just €50,-. Because this is an online edition and we can not offer the delious lunch, coffee and drinks we had in the first edition we reduced the price for the program a little.

Do you live far from Rotterdam? This is your chance to join this program without having to travel too much! There are still some spots left for this day. First come, first serve. Do not wait too long to claim your spot because you do not want to miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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