Support Shimmy Shake

Do you want to support or sponsor Shimmy Shake? First, you are awesome! Secondly, there are various ways to do this.

1. Come to our events and buy tickets for activities. The easiest way to support a cultural organization is to visit their events (it also the most fun way to support!).

2. You can volunteer during our events. Check out our BellyBlog for events that may need volunteers.

3. Do you own a business? Maybe we can work together and/or you can sponsor us with a location or goods. Want to know more about this? Please reach out to Sarah via

4. You can make a donation. Check our BellyBlog or event pages for Fundraiser campaigns. Do you want to donate but is there no fundraiser at the moment? Or do you want to start a fundraiser for Shimmy Shake? Please reach out to Eva via

Why donate to Shimmy Shake?

Shimmy Shake (also known as Stichting New European Cultural Collaborations) is a non-profit foundation that can operate through a combination of 1. income from projects (including ticket sales for our events), 2. cultural subsidies from the Dutch government and the municipality of Rotterdam and 3. sponsorships & donations.

Within the current Dutch subsidy policy, it has become extra important that we generate enough (preferable more each year) income ourselves.


You can help by supporting us!

As an organization with a cultural ANBI status, we are allowed to keep 100% of the received voluntary donations and thus dedicate this to our goals and activities.

Making a donation to a cultural non-profit can also have benefits for you as a donor (in addition to the great feeling that we can continue to promote and support Tribal and Fusion Belly Dance in the Netherlands and beyond through your donation).

Tax benefits for donations to Shimmy Shake (Netherlands)

In the Netherlands, you can deduct a gift to an organization with ANBI status from the tax you pay yearly. There are conditions attached to this. For example, there is a minimum and maximum amount for the total amount of donations that you deduct per year.

To promote donating to cultural organizations, there are additional benefits when you donate to a cultural ANBI. You may increase a gift to a cultural ANBI by 25% when calculating the deduction. Conditions may also apply here, such as a maximum amount to be deducted.

For a detailed explanation go to:


Shimmy Shake has had a Cultural ANBI status since January 1st, 2012.

A few years ago, Shimmy Shake started the Golden Girls project. This project, with a social character, is aimed at ladies aged 65 and over. The Golden Girls come together and dance together under the guidance of Maya Acid (a tribal fusion dancer and dance teacher from Rotterdam). In recent years, the Golden Girls have grown into a group of over 20 participants who rehearse and dance together every week. The Golden Girls can be seen in the shows every year during the Shimmy Shake Festival and Talent Carnival.