Dragitsa (Janneke Staat) was born in the Netherlands. She has a Serbian mother and a Dutch father. She is known for her Buugengs with which she has participated in the Shimmy Shake Factor Co Talent Search in 2013 and 2014. In 2015 she has participated without Buugengs to show that she is also very capable to perform a fusion of different dance styles. Her passion is seen in the freedom to let her creativity and knowledge come together within the Urban Fusion dance scene.


Janneke started at a young age with Jazz ballet. In the following years she has practiced Break-dance, Modern and Urban dance styles. The last few years she has become incredibly interested in Tribal Fusion, Belly Dance, American Tribal Style, Middle Eastern and East European dance styles. She was able to further develop at Tribalways Dance and Theatre and has followed al lot of workshops.”I’m incredibly excided that I have been selected at the Shimmy Shake Factor Co Talent Search 2015 to perform during the Shimmy Shake Festival in November 2015” she says. “Apart from that, I am very grateful for the professional guidance from the coaches which has perfected my choreography”. In the future she wants to specialize more in East European Gypsy styles and develop more in the area of Tribal Fusion.