Saturday 7 Nov 17:00 | Workshop (live streaming) ATS Wüstenrose Style | Nakari

SATURDAY 7 NOV I 17:00 – 19:00


TICKET € 35,00

This workshop will be streamed! 

We will place a large film screen and beamer so you can clearly see Nakari via Zoom, and they you! There’s plenty of space at the TR Witte de With with an area of 14 meters by 14 meters and a maximum of 20 dancers. 


Learn this fascinating dance style that has captured many dancers’ hearts from the amazing Nakari ladies! This duo will teach you the secret body language that is understood by Tribal dancers from all over the whole world. Get to know your body better and how to control your movements.

From the basic principles of the Tribal style group improvisations to complex combinations and formations, In this workshop you will learn to communicate without words, to dance synchronized, and to improvise. Each dancer has their moment as the group queen leading the dance for the others to follow.

The Wüstenrose style is Nakari’s own creation, developed in Vienna from American Tribal Style by Fat Chance Bellydance, Blacksheep Bellydance, and Gypsy Caravan Variations.


Knowledge of or experience in ATS Wüstenrose Style is not necessary for this workshop, but some general dance experience is recommended.


Nakari will give a livestream Zoom workshop from their own studio. You can watch them on a large screen and participate at TR Witte de With, with enough space to keep 1,5 meter distance. If you prefer to stay at home, you can buy a livestream ticket and tune in via Zoom. The total amount of places will be strictly limited, to allow productive feedback.


Nakari Dance Company, founded in 2008, consists of Doro Altenburger & Michaela Hamajova. They are dancing and living in Vienna, and traveling for the dance and further education all across Europe and the wider world. With their modern interpretation of an ancient dance form they have spanned many dance styles in creating their choreographies, and with open minds let the dance take them in a new direction every time, while always keeping in touch with their tribal roots.