Friday 6 Nov 16:00 I Intensive Workshop I Tjarda van Straten

FRIDAY 6 NOV I 16:00 - 19:00


TICKET € 45,00

Ready to take your skills to a deeper level? Blocked by habits or even stuck in a rut? Then it's time for some fresh perspectives, to break through your blocks and touch your audience like you never did before! It is amazing what three intensive hours can do for your movement profile and expression – a wider horizon opens up without losing what makes your approach and your body unique. This workshop is all about some useful tools, plus experimentation. However, experimentation with a clear purpose: learning to articulate more clearly and make instinctive decisions. Unite what the soul feeds into the mind with how the mind moves the body. Keywords: intention, body language, authenticity, expression & creativity.

Increase your possibilities without getting lost.
Increase your power without being overwhelmed.


The 3 hour intensive by Tjarda takes place LIVE at TR Witte de With on the floor of the big theatre (with enough space to keep 1,5 meter distance).

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4 years ago

Hi, I was wondering whether this workshop is going to be also via Zoom?