Shimmy Shake Talent Development

 a coherent learning trajectory

Shimmy Shake Talent Development is a structured learning program for every level of dance.

Phase 1. Talent Search & Carnival (Jan - Jun)

The first level of this course is called simply Talent Search and is open to everyone. This is a series of dance days organized throughout the Netherlands in cooperation with a regionally prominent teacher, taking place at their studio. Dancers prepare a short act that is choreographed by themselves. They also make the choice of music and create their own costume. This is often our first contact moment with new talent. A panel of experts gives them feedback; they also receive a film of their dance. From these dance days we choose a group of 12 dance acts to be coached by excellent choreographers.

Talent Search days will be held in Zutphen, Eindhoven, Groningen and Rotterdam


Talent Carnival - June

The 12 coached dance acts conclude their learning sessions with a performance in a professional theater in Rotterdam, during the Talent Carnival. Preceding this performance they attend a workshop teaching them how to behave in a professional setting, about the unwritten laws of performing professionally in a theater. The Talent Carnival is a daylong event with a great atmosphere where there is a market and an open stage in the garden for aspiring Shimmy Shakers and others.

Phase 2. Next Level (Sep - Nov)

A panel of experts chooses 4 or 5 dance acts that have attained a very good level from watching the dancers during the Talent Show at the Talent Carnival. The chosen dancers then receive further coaching at a higher, more intense level and are rewarded with a performance in the Gala show at the festival in November. They hereby become eligible to be included in international projects and shows.

Phase 3. Professionals (all year)

We work with the top dancers in this genre and from associated dance styles. Professional dancers become part of our team operating throughout the Netherlands being part of the expert panel, giving advice and coaching to other dancers, performing in shows and being part of projects. During the festival they participate in high level master classes. These dancers also perform in other countries. They co-operate with and inspire each other, and pass on skills to promising new talent. They also members of our advice group on rising new stars, and bring in and discuss new ideas.

Phase 4. Shimmy Shake Festival (November)

The result of the courses, the learning process and other projects we organize throughout the year are all presented during the Festival. The festival is the moment to show to a larger public the state of the art within this genre. We invite the top international dancers, show the newest developments and program 2 shows. Also there are workshops for all levels, lots of free activities and an Oriental Lounge in the foyer with an Open Stage for new Talents. It is the time when all dancers come together from all over Holland and exchange and dance together.