Factor CO 2015 Germany

Shimmy Shake Factor CO 2015 Hannover

Shimmy Shake Talent Audition Hannover have selected 3 acts!

Winners Hannover Selection Day

- Dschinny, who performed an amazing Irish Dance Fusion

- Mareike, a beautiful dancer who has also performed during our first Shimmy Shake Festival - Matinee Mash Up

- Glass Eaters Group, a strong tribal fusion skeleton dance

They will perform during the Shimmy Shake Talent Show on Sunday 24 May 2015 at Maaspodium, Rotterdam, during the Tribal Festival Hannover 12 - 14 June and during the second edition of Shimmy Shake Festival, scheduled for 13 – 15 November in Maaspodium, Rotterdam.

Dschinny - Irish Fusion


Glass Eaters

Shimmy Shake Factor CO Talent Search Hannover is a collaboration with World of Orient Festival.