Bellydance Cohesion

Dancer enrichment Program with April Rose

This is your chance to follow this popular program by the amazing April Rose in Europe!

6, 7 & 8 Novemer, Shimmy Shake Festival Rotterdam (NL)

Explore a cohesive approach to bellydance. Develop your technique to new depths. Be moved by the music and history that provides texture to this art form. Innovate from a place of knowledge and mastery. Come to enrich your dance.

What will you learn?

  • Fundamental Bellydance Technique Drills with Level-Up Options
  • Middle-Eastern Rhythms on Frame Drum
  • Introduction to Multi-tonal Finger Cymbals
  • Recognition of Instruments & Songs
  • Bellydance History
  • Insights on the ways in which Dance is Meaningful

What is Bellydance Cohesion?

Bellydance Cohesion trainings are where we bring together some of the most fascinating and enjoyable aspects of bellydance:


Movement, music, and history. Classic and current styles. Body, mind, and heart.


The interdisciplinary fundamentals taught throughout these courses will help you appreciate this art and begin to express yourself within its long living tradition.


Through deliberate practice of technique drills, you will learn the basics of simple and elegant bellydance movement. With level-up options, the exercises are infinitely scalable toward greater richness and complexity. Through stylized movements and improvisation exercises, you will start to develop your presence, personal taste, and creative expression. As you progress through the stages, you will learn phrases and combinations which can be arranged into choreography or structured group and solo improvisation.


By playing Middle Eastern rhythms on the frame drum and learning to identify the qualities of various instruments and standard songs, you will intimately acquaint yourself with the music that has typically accompanied bellydance. To know this music and to be able to play some of it yourself is incredibly empowering and aligns you with the skills of dancers who originally developed this art.


Bellydance history is a fascinating and complex transnational story replete with inspiring characters, tragedies, and mysteries. In this course we ask the key questions: where did bellydance come from? Who have the performers of this dance been? How have things shifted throughout the form’s development and why? It is my hope that by answering these questions, you will feel supported by the dancers who came before you.


My ultimate hope is that you discover dance is more than an enjoyable pastime. Dance helps you develop self-awareness, discipline, connection to other human beings, the joy of focused concentration, ego dissolution, and your freedom of choice and individual expression. It is a corporeal, intellectual, and emotional experience. Like any studied art, it is a spiritual practice.


I hope you will join me on this journey,

April Rose