Shimmy Shake Talent Search

Every year Shimmy Shake organized a nation-wide Talent Search to discover new Fusion Bellydance talent, to help dancers improve their level and to see where the local dancers and teachers stand with their skills. Participants could receive feedback from our panel of experts. The Talent Search was also a day to simply join in and dance, even for dancers who didn't want coaching or feedback. 

After the five Talent Search days, 12 dance acts were chosen for individual coaching and to perform their improved work at the Talent Carnival in June.

In 2020 the Talent Search went digital, because of Corona. Dancers could record their performance and get a 20 minute session with the expert panel for feedback and to ask questions.

Next Level Talents performing during the Shimmy Shake Festival, left to right: Carmen, Emilia, Mieke & Irea, Nina de Waal. Photos by Ben van Duin.

There were five categories dancers could choose from, fitting with their experience level and belly dance skills:


Practical information

What you get

Talents receive 2 individual coaching sessions of 90 minutes in the Studio of the appointed coach. Your film clip and comments are the base for these lessons. There will be enough time between sessions to practice with the instructions. Last session must be at least 1 week before the Talent Carnival. During this day, you will perform your coached choreography (TWICE!).

Our teachers

Our team is made up of carefully selected professional dancers and coaches, covering many techniques and skills, such as Tjarda van Straten, Maya Acid, Nadiya Natali, Piet Rogie, Nargis Coors, Aisa Lafour and Esther Nederpelt.

Entry requirements

You must be at least 16 years of age.
Your act, solo or in a group, must be original thought up by yourself (no playback).
Your act should be between 3 to 5 minutes long.
There must be a minimum of 30% of belly dance in your choreography mixed with another style.
Category 2, Choosing Fusion: please state clearly which style you dance.