We’ve got them! Presenting the 12 Talent Search 2019 talents

Published on 17 May 2019 at 11:02

In the past months, we went on a hunt for fusion (belly) dance talents with the Shimmy Shake Talent Search. And yes, we have found them! In Zutphen, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, and Groningen we got to watch beautiful performances by dancers of different experience levels. 12 were selected by our expert panel and will receive coaching from some of the best coaches in the industry. Let’s meet the talents, who will be showing their progress during the Talent Carnival on June 9th in Rotterdam

During the first Talent Search afternoon in Zutphen in February, we got to meet Fanneke and Mieke who impressed with a samba and belly dance fusion. The panel especially praised their bold choice to create a samba fusion, while being little experienced in this genre. But they delivered and performed an energetic fusion dance. Together with Senta Schuijers-Lauterslager, they will take it to the next level!

Also from Zutphen, the Shimmy Sista’s! During a previous edition of the Talent Search, these ladies turned up the heat with a smouldering burlesque fusion. This time, they turned 180 degrees in a different direction and performed a Bollywood fusion. A visibly challenging genre for them, but the panel saw potential. With the help from Bollywood expert Nargis, they will master this fusion for sure.

In Rotterdam, we met Fusion Elles, a dance group all the way from Namur in the French-speaking part of Belgium. They gave the Talent Search an international touch, not only because they travelled across the border, but also because of their dance-interpretation of the Spanish television show La Casa de Papel. An interesting and entertaining performance they will develop further with coach Indirah.

Rieneke blew the panel away in Rotterdam, with a (partly improvised) performance in which she used everything available in the room. From the chairs and curtains to the mirrors (but not the tables, as they looked a bit too shaky). Rieneke showed a lot of energy and emotion through her choreography. Coach Tjarda van Straten will help her to fine-tune her performance and develop her skills further.

In Eindhoven, we got to meet Dina who came all the way from Germany. Her delicately beautiful Tribal Fusion dance act won our hearts and sent shivers down the spines of the panel members. Dina will be taken under Sulayca’s wing. Together, they will work on developing her inner power during the coaching sessions and make the choreography the panel members already loved, even better.

Belly dancer Selma from Maastricht signed up under Choosing fusion and showed her skill to the panel in Eindhoven. Her originality and freshness, combined with a fluent talent for the belly dance moves impressed the expert panel. They are sure Selma will become a great Tribal Fusion Dancer. She will be coached by Vleer, who is looking forward to guiding her down this path. 

Another interesting fusion we got to witness in Eindhoven, was the choreography by Cassandra. Cassandra has a classical Ballet background which she intuitively combined with Tribal Fusion to make a very poetic and enchanting performance. The panel liked what they saw and matched her with top talent Aisa to bring more of Bellydance into her charming choreography.

What a surprise Emilia brought us in Eindhoven with her dark intriguing fusion mixed with burlesque! The two combined seamlessly. Now that is a fusion! Angela Boeijen from El Yasmine Dancers teaches dark fusion and burlesque so it the perfect coach for this delightfully dark performance. Together they will certainly raise this performance to the next level. Do you dare to watch?

In Groningen, we got to meet Nina. Nina stood out by her humble appearance and amazing performance combining different dance styles from around the world. Through her choreography, we travelled to Africa, Egypt, The United States, in an energizing and smooth way. The judges were impressed by the ability of Nina to combine many dance styles without the performance being too overwhelming. Let’s see what she will achieve together with coach Sarah Safi Harb.

Almost unrecognizable in Groningen was Karen Bosma, also a Talent Search alumnus. Last year she was called ‘The Peacock’ because of her costume, this year we have no better fitting description than the ‘Gold Goddess’. Karen performed an impassioned tribute to the Egyptian Isis, complete with golden Isis-wings. The panel was moved by the emotion in the performance, and couldn’t stop watching Karen dance. Together with Tjarda van Straten, Karen’s performance will sure rise to another level.

The Heavy-Metal fusion from Carolein will sure be printed in the memories of the judges. An unusual, but interesting and fresh choice to combine the flowing and round belly dance style with the harsh and rugged metal-style. Panel member Angela Boeijen from El Yasmine Dancers, knew straight away she wanted to work with Carolein. We look forward to what these ladies will achieve.

Curious about these talents? Come and watch them perform during the Shimmy Shake Talent Carnival! June 9th, Theater ‘t Kapelletje in Rotterdam. Be sure of a seat and buy your tickets online in advance via our website.