Last chance to participate in the Talent Search 2019!

Published on 12 April 2019 at 18:33

Time went so fast! On three equally sunny afternoons in Zutphen, Rotterdam, and Eindhoven, we got to witness a wide variety of fusion (belly)dance acts, a lot of styles and levels of experience! All these dancers had one thing in common: all of them were almost bursting with talent!

Just a few weeks until the last Talent Search of the year on April 28th in Groningen. We will keep our fingers crossed for another beautiful day, although the weather really cannot make this day any more promising than it already is! Because we have a lot to look forward to in Groningen where we will be welcomed by both Leana and Joyce Benschop!

The group of talent who joined us in Eindhoven!

For starters, there is the amazing panel that will be providing feedback for all the dancers (If you want to get feedback, this is not obliged). Angela from El Yasmine will come all the way from Nijmegen to share her wisdom and experience with all the dancers. Angela is known for her burlesque and darker fusion dance style. Groningen’s own beam of talent Leana from dance school Art of Bellydance is also in the panel. Leana is at home in Egyptian style and oriental belly dance, and she organizes innovative events and workshops in and around Groningen.

Angela and Leana will be joined by Aruna Nalini, a new face for Shimmy Shakers. Aruna is a passionate, professional belly dancer from The Hague who dances solo, but also with the famous ‘Yamina’s Showdancers’. She is currently making her steps in the International world of belly dance, all by herself in her own unique, authentic way. The panel will, of course, be completed by our own Gail Pilgrim.

Panel member Aruna Nalini

The afternoon will be centered around the participants of the Talent Search, but we will also be treated to some shows! Joyce and Aruna will both perform a solo for us! Phoria will dance! And Leana’s professional Egyptian Dance group Arabesque will show us how group amazing performances can be!

You do not want to miss the #GroningenTalentSearch! You can sign up via the Shimmy Shake website until (Good) Friday April 19th!