What to do on Festival Friday?

Published on 4 November 2019 at 12:26

It is there, anticipation is in the air. It is time for Shimmy Shake Festival! Did you already have your days planned and tickets booked? Yes? Great! No? No worries, in this article we will tell you everything you can do on Friday November 8th during the Shimmy Shake Festival.

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Start your day with some new friends

You just arrived in Rotterdam, and the Maaspodium did not open yet. What to do? Join Rotterdam Rocks! In this program, especially made for you by members of our dancers-community, you get to know our amazing host city. Icons and underground. Let us take you on a trip through the city and make some friends along the way.

You can join Rotterdam Rocks for free, just sign up via the form on this page. But note that you do have to pay for the water taxi and lunch.

Develop your dance skills with Piny Orchidaceae

The finish of Rotterdam Rocks is in the Maaspodium, the theatre where everything will happen this weekend. You have arrived at the Shimmy Shake Festival. Time to get moving and work on your dance skills in the intensive!

This years advanced dance intensive will be taught by Piny Orchidaceae. In three hours, Piny will learn you how to play with space. Tribal Fusion Bellydance + Contemporary dance + House Moving. Using the on and off-balance to do it, changing directions, crossing the floor. Liquid motion through a spontaneous, breezy body. Low flights through the floor, drops, and slides that make us move around. We turn, spin and jump, adding directions and intentions. The main idea is movement through space and a full understanding of space and body in their tri-dimensionality.

There are still some spots left in this workshop. We sure of a spot and get your ticket in the online pre-sale (and save some money). You can order your tickets online until Friday morning November 8th.

Get some rest, you will need it tomorrow!

The first day of the Shimmy Shake Festival, is a laid-back day. A day to get settled and ooze into the Festival. Now that you have made some friends, grab a bite together and maybe have a drink. But, make sure to get enough rest, you will need it for the rest of the Festival! 😉

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