What to do on Festival Sunday?

Published on 6 November 2019 at 19:56

It is there, anticipation is in the air. It is time for Shimmy Shake Festival! Did you already have your days planned and tickets booked? Yes? Great! No? No worries, in this article we will tell you everything you can do on Sunday November 10th during the Shimmy Shake Festival.

A Hula morning!

‘I asked God for serenity, he gave me Hula’ that is the motto of the Polynesian Dance group Mai’ana, located in Haarlem. Get your Hula in this workshop by the amazing Conchita from Mai’Ana. Last year her short workshop was a great success! And that is why it is back this year, and now you can sway your hips for 2 hours!

Conchita will teach us about the beautiful Polynesian Dance tradition, telling stories using hands, hips and body movements. Do you not have your ticket for this workshop yet? Click here to score one!

Get Funky and lounge a little bit

On Sunday, the Funky Foyer is open once agian! Explore the Funky Foyer which offers the biggest bazaar to date. Enjoy the delicious vegan food by Veggie Galore, in the café placed on the first floor of the Foyer, looking out over all the amazing things happening below. Or roam around the different stalls filled with jewellery, bellydance gear and other wanna-haves. Want to know what stalls you can expect? We described them all in this article.

Time for some lounging? Lean back in the oriental lounge, have a drink an enjoy a great variety of performances on the Open Stage. There will be three blocks of performances, and we can already tell you who will be performing when! Check the line up here (halfway the article).

Go on a journey with Mena Leila

Do you want to know more about the origin of Gypsy dance and related dance styles? Mena Leila will teach you! In this special, interactive lecture / workshop she will take you on a journey through India, via Andalusia, the Ottoman Empire ending up with a tambourine by a Romanian campfire. She will show you the basic dance steps and hand movements of the diverse styles and illustrate the history with a film projection.

A very special experience which you can join for FREE! So what are you waiting for? Just come to the Foyer at 12:00 and join in this hour-long workshop.

Try out something new with the Step Up Dance Sampling

The Shimmy Shake Festival Sunday is all about trying out stuff! And to make it as easy possible for you to try out something, we keep the prices of the workshops and show on this day as low as possible. This is were the Step Up program comes in. This is your chance to learn the basics of several different styles, join in for a good training or just dance for fun. See which style suits you the best or enrich your current moves. In 3 hours, you can try out 3 new dance styles for just €30,-!

Maybe Waacking is something for you? This workshop starts at 13:00. Waack/Punk is a form of dance created in the LGBT clubs of Los Angeles, during the 1970s disco era. Waacking consists of moving the arms to the music beat, typically in a movement of the arms over and behind the shoulder, and other elements such as posing and footwork. Go through the dance vocabulary of Waacking, different movements, feeling the flow, the groove, learning the basics in this workshop.

Want to know more about this specific workshop? Click here!

At 14:00 we continue with Capoeira. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian combination of music and movement, originating in the time of slaves and the slave trade. The battle to be physically and mentally free is one of the fundamentals of Capoeira. While in a circle, some of the participants use instruments to play live music and two people in the middle move in a fluid and flexible way.

Want to know more about this specific workshop? Click here!

The program ends this an introduction to ATS by Patricia Zarnovican at 15:00. Discover the beauty of the original American Tribal Style® by Fat Chance Belly Dance®. Patricia will introduce you to the specific characteristics of this dance form: the posture and basic movements, the concept of leading and following as well as information about music, costuming and history. If you have them, bring your zills.

Want to know more about this specific workshop? Click here!

Get your belly moving for the very first time!

Always wanted to try belly dance and didn’t dare? You do not have to be and experienced dancer to enjoy the Shimmy Shake Festival! Even for those who have never danced with their belly, there is a lot to do during the festival. But, if you do want to start shimmying this is your chance!

In this introduction workshop you can discreetly join in and try out the moves at your own pace. Belly Dance is the basis of Fusion dance and is a joyful celebration of being a woman. This year, Siobhan from Greenstone Belly Dance will guide you trough. Join us in the Funky Foyer around 15:45.

Be surprised by the beauty and variety of Tribal Fusion

And like that, it is already time for the last event of the Shimmy Shake Festival. But do not be sad, we will go out with a bang! Prepare to be surprised during the Matinée Mash Up at 16:30 in the Blauwe Zaal.

In the Matinée Mash Up you can enjoy different kinds of dance acts by a variety of Fusion Belly Dancers and others who are inspired to mix their art. An excitingly and varied line-up with well-known and new talents in new choreographies. An exciting show for performers, but also a great way to get to know the variety of tribal & fusion belly dance.

Do you have a ticket for the Matinee Mash Up yet? You can get them for €15,- at the ticket desk in the Foyer during the Festival. But you can also order them online until Friday afternoon. Be sure of a seat and save €2,50 (online you pay just €12,50 for a Matinee Mash Up ticket)!


You just read everything there is to do during the third and last day of the Shimmy Shake Festival. Want to know what you can do during the first and second day? Read it here! And here!