“Daily dance uplifts the soul to spiritual realms” – online bellydance classes to get you through quarantine

Published on 24 March 2020 at 12:03

At the moment, many parts of the world live in an almost unreal reality. Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, we stay at home as much as possible. Her in the Netherlands, all sports and dance classes had to stop and it is prohibited to have more than 3 guests over at your home. Therefore, it has become impossible for dance teachers to teach their classes.

Or is it?

After receiving the news that all classes had to cancel, teachers all over the country got their creativity flowing. All of a sudden, many teachers were arranging online classes (and helping each other arrange their online classes <3 ). All of this to keep their students dancing! But is this also your chance to follow one of their lessons in the comfort of your own home, or to try out a class by a teacher who would normally be too far from your home.

“Any kind of dancing is better than no dancing at all.”
Lynda Barr

In this time of social isolation and uncertain situations, it is important to have some kind of way to deal with everything going on. Dance is an amazing way to do so! And bellydance is especially calming for women.

“Dance, when you’re broken open. […] Dance in the middle of the fighting. […] Dance when you’re perfectly free.”
Jalaluddin Rumi

To help you find a bellydance class that fits your experience and dance needs at the moment, we made a list of available online dance classes by Dutch teachers:

El Yasmine | Angela

Angela teaches Bellydance Basics, a beginner’s class that focuses on the basic movement vocabulary of (fusion) bellydance, Tribal Fusion Bellydance on a more advanced level with tricky combo's, drills and layering’s, and Burlesque Dancing in a more classical style with vintage and pin up elements, and a more wild, explicit modern style.

Angela’s lessons are really interesting for them who want to enter the world of Tribal Fusion Bellydance, but she is also an amazing burlesque teacher!

Live teaching schedule

19:30 - 20:30h - Burlesque Dancing Klassiek
20:45 - 22:00h - Bellydance Basics

19:30 - 20:45h - Tribal Fusion Bellydance
21:00 - 22:00 - Burlesque Dancing Modern

You can join every session and pay per lesson. Prices:

  • Burlesque Dancing / Klassiek & Modern €10,- per lesson
  • Bellydance Basics / Tribal Fusion Bellydance €12,- per lesson

More info and sign-up via the El Yasmine website (click here)

Vleer Fusion Online

Photo by Ben van Duin

Vleer is an amazing Fusion Bellydance teacher who is known for her Urban Fusion styles. At the moment, she offers 2 different classes via Facebook live. Reach out to her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/vle3rt7e) and get added to a private Facebook group where you can follow one or both of her lessons. Vleer Fusion Online offers the following 10-week online courses on Thursday:

19u-20u Fusion Bellydance - "Be water my Friend"
Fusion Bellydance learns the dancers to combine sensual, snake-like movements with powerful, staccato isolations. With different drills and exercises, you will learn to bring these two together and make them look effortless. This course is an open level and a nice challenge for everybody who likes to try out fusion belly dance. During this 10-week course, the lessons will become gradually more complex and will end in a fun mini choreo “Be water my Friend”.

20:15u - 21:15 Urban Fusion Bellydance - "Broken Robot"
This course will level-up from fusion belly dance to Urban Fusion. We will explore different Urban styles and incorporate them into our fusion Bellydance. We will focus on Popping, Tutting, and Animation, but also discuss Isolations, Dime Stops, Traveling and Musicality. In a fun way, you will learn how to isolate and move induvial parts of your body. It not only a work-out for the body, but also for the brain! During this 10-week course, you will explore and drill different urban styles and bring them all together during the final lesson in a mini choreo “Broken Robot”.

10 weeks both courses €150,00 (€7,50 per lesson)
10 weeks one of the courses €75,00
Drop-in class €10,00 per lesson

You can pay via PayPal or bank transfer

Siobhan Camille | Greenstone Belly Dance

Photo by Veronika Hegedus-Gaspar

Due to social distancing requirements and a desire to keep our students and their families safe, Greenstone Belly Dance classes have gone online! Whether you’re a beginner belly dancer or you’ve got a few hip drops under your coin belt, there’s something for everyone with our online classes. Siobhan Camille’s classes are great for challenging the mind and body, and a great chance to be social, even at a distance!

The lessons by Siobhan are great if you never dared to enter a bellydance class before, but want to get outside of your comfort zone during the quarantine!

Drop-in a course now

Drop-in classes are currently on Thursdays:

18:00h - Beginners

19:15h - Intermediate/Advanced

This schedule is current until April 2nd, then we'll be updating with our next online lesson time slots.

*** Discounted intro offer of 12 euro per session instead of 15 euro per session until April 2nd! ***

Want to join the lessons by Siobhan? Go to the website (click here) for more info and to sign up.

Joliette Dancefusion | Fusion Bellydance

Photo by Guido Bosland

This bellydance class by Joliette is a bellydanceclass with a slight contemporary style, taking technique from the Suhaila Salimpour format. The bellydance basics is geared towards understanding bellydance, in a safe way. The stylisation in combo’s and choreos is added on the eclectic movements of contemporary dance for a juicy layer. In this workshop, Joliette works with explaining technique, Drills and choreo.

Live lessons on Zoom
Monday 19.30-20.45
Drop-ins €11,- per class. Or commit to follow the rest of the series for €10,- per class.

Want to know more, or join the this Fusion Bellydance with a slight contemporary influence go to Joliette.nl. Or follow Joliette dancefusion on Facebook, or Joliette.nl on Instgram.

Bellydance school Bellyssima

There are three aspects to the belly dancing lessons at Bellyssima: fun, growth and togetherness. These aspects are most important in every lesson, and not your dance skills or how flexible you are. Important is that you want to learn how to belly dance. We make you feel comfortable in your own skin, that is what matters. Starting in April, our traditional belly dance classes will get a fusion twist. We will start with Flamenco Bellydance Fusion, will you join us?

Wednesday and Thursday live lessons via Zoom! Check the schedule via www.dansschoolbellyssima.nl/lesrooster . Lessons will also be filmed so you can get back to them and practise.

Price per lesson is €10,-. Special offer for Shimmy Shake followers: a try-out package 4 weeks unlimited lessons (beginners and/or semi-advanced) for €25,-. Use the promocode: Let’s Shimmy! at www.dansschoolbellyssima.nl/proefles to claim your discount!

New: Femme Fusion

A way to break the day in this uncertain period. 30 minutes of fempowerment. Come and join us! 2 sessions a day, every day (except Wednesdays). Start 12h & 18:30h. Women Only.

Femme Fusion is divided into seven stages with where there is attention for both mental and physical wellbeing. It is a bit of Pilates, mindfulness, cultural dance and cardio fun! You will use all the muscles women tend to get problems with. This 30-minutes a day will get you through this quarantine period.

Because this course is still in development you can join us for free until April 5th but I do want your feedback and a review online. Want to know more about Femme Fusion: https://www.femmefusion.nl 

Do you want more info about these online courses, or do you want to join us? Give teacher Adrijana a call (or sent a whatsapp) on +31 (0)6 42844655 or sent an e-mail to info@buikdanseres-huren.nl

Sheila’s Buikdanscentrum | Dansstudio Meijers

Photo by Peter Slagboom

Sheila’s buikdancentrum is a big bellydance school located in the east of the Netherlands. This dance school offers classes via live stream, so you can dance along with the class at the same time. There is an extensive schedule of classes: you can choose between Classical Bellydance, modern, ITS, Fusion Bellydance, Bellyfit (this is really fun to try out even if you are not a dancer!) and yoga.

You can join all the classes you want for just €10,00 a week. More info and contact via www.sheilabuikdanscentrum.nl or www.dansstudiomeijers.nl. Note: these lessons will be in Dutch.

Live stream lesson schedule

19.30h – Fusion and ITS by Sulayca

19.30h – Zumba with Patricia
20.00h – Bellydance with Patricia

19.00h – Bellydance with Sheila
20.00h – Bellydance with Fanneke

19.30h – Burlesque & Fusion with Dayenne

10.00h – Bellyfit with Sheila
11.00h - Yoga with Sulayca

“Daily dance uplifts the soul to spiritual realms.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

More online classes will be added to the list, so come back later if there isn’t anything for you on there at the moment! Do you teach an online class and do you want it added to the list? Reach out to Eva via pr@liteside.nl