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So much talent in Zutphen!

Jaw drop! February 23rd, we went to Zutphen for the first Talent Search of the year. So many talented dancers applied to join us, so we had an afternoon filled with performances! The panel was amazed by all the Talent Zutphen had to offer.

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Get business done.

Last Sunday marked the first edition of Dancers Dealings! Our new business program made especially for dancers. A group of lovely ladies braved storm Ciara and had a day packed with workshops. The program was a little bit different than previously announced, but the experts really shared all the knowledge needed for a successful business!

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So you wanna do business?

When dancing is your passion, you might want to take it a step further and turn your passion into a career. For a lot of dancers, especially those who are self-taught, this can be a troublesome and scary process. To help them in their first steps in business, but also to help them who are around longer but struggling from time to time Shimmy Shake introduces Dancers Dealings.

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Together we will Beat the Blue(s)

Just a few more days, and we will beat the blue(s) together at the Shimmy Shake x Greenstone Belly Dance Hafla! At lot of dancers signed up to perform, so we can expect an amazing program in the afternoon of Saturday January 18th. Let’s dive in some of the things you can expect.

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Coming up: Talent Search 2020

Every year Shimmy Shake organizes a nation-wide Talent Search to discover new Fusion Bellydance talent, to help dancers improve their level and to see where the local dancers and teachers stand with their skills. The Talent Search is also a day to simply join in and dance even if you don’t want coaching or feedback, it is all up to you.

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Need inspiration for your New Year’s Resolutions?

With Christmas behind us, it is almost time or New Year! A time for reflection, to look back on all the amazing things you have done and achieved this past year. For Shimmy Shake, 2019 was an amazing year in which we had to pleasure of meeting a lot of new and exciting dancers!

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