Saturday 14:00 | Workshop Glam Tribal Choreo | Vesna Zorman

SATURDAY 14:00 – 16:00



Vesna Zorman. Photo by Al Bruni

Feel like a queen while learning new and amazing choreography techniques from Vesna, the queen of dance herself! Vesna is an extremely versatile artist and her work reaches far beyond dance. Het strengths lie in a unique “Haute Couture” way of working, reflecting in her costume designs and professional make-up artistry. All of which she passes along in her variety of dance, costume design, and make-up workshops.

In this workshop, you will work on your Glam Tribal skills, with a focus on choreo. Vesna's choreographies, for herself but also for the dance group Ambrosia, are exuberant, energetic and above all extremely creative. Her passion and focus lie in creating intense storylines that captivate the audience, as well as developing and infusing life to an interesting variety of stage archetypes who pull the audience to another dimension.

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