Meet Our Talent Show Talents (part 1)

Published on 1 June 2020 at 13:18

On June 14th our Talent Show will premiere as a film online! A whole new way of experiencing the Talent Carnival. We are very excited about this, and the talents are already training hard with their coach. All of this to give you the Talent Show we’ve been looking forward to since last year.

Time to introduce this year’s coached acts, in random order. Want to get to know the other five talents? Check out this article.

Balkan Fusion Dance

Ana from Balkan Fusion Dance joined us in the Digital Talent Search with her piece ‘Just be You…’. A piece about finding inner strength, seizing it, and staying true to yourself! Her dance style is a fusion between Balkan Style (the root of her dancing) and elements of Bellydance.

Maybe a bit unexpected, but one of her biggest inspirations in dance is Jennifer Lopez. Lopez has a whole different style of dancing, but the thing Ana likes about her most is the way she rocks the stage. She is fierce!

Deirdre Zoë

“This piece is inspired by my search to find my own dance style. Discovering that it is okay to not know, and accepting that this is an ever-changing concept”. This is how Deirdre Zoë describes her piece Cold Sun (on the song of the same name by CHVRN). We really love to see dancers in de Talent Search and Carnival who are researching their possibilities, it is always surprising!

Deirdre Zoë joined the Talent Search before in 2018 and finds it really nice to belong to our community. Also, she finds private coaching sessions to be massively helpful. Together with her coach Tjarda van Straten, she is working hard on her choreography skills. Getting to know the theory on the subject and learning neat little tricks.

El Yasmine Fusion Bellydance Troupe

Ilse, Juul, and Niki from the El Yasmine Fusion Dance Troupe joined us for the Talent Search in Zutphen (when we could still hug each other!!). A group we have welcomed many times at Shimmy Shake events, each time a different group of dancers from the bigger troupe. The dancers all have different dance backgrounds and experience levels but continue to reinforce each other.

These ladies all have different inspirations in dance. From Juul’s love for the metal influence by Diana Bastet, to Ilse’s admiration of the elegant style from Kira Habibi Lal. But, from all of them, one of their greatest dance role models is El Yasmine’s own Angela who teaches them to be bold, cheeky, sexy, and powerful.


Photo by Peter Slagboom

For her piece, Irea got inspired by her chosen music: Marcos Otero’s Baladi Tablao. This music made her reach out to a flamenco teacher, who helped her develop her new fusion style. This year, Irea surprised us with her piece Flambelly.

Irea is not a new face in the Talent Show. Last year, she and her dance buddy Mieke joined the Talent Search and made it al the way to Next Level. Together they shined during the Gala Show in Rotterdam. The open and relaxed ambiance at Shimmy Shake is one of the reasons she came back to us. And we are very glad to have her back (especially with this amazing piece)!


Something that always surprises is the creativity of fusion dancers. In her choreography, Emilia combines the feeling of stiff, immovable wood with the flow of a wave of water. As a popping wooden marionette, she flows through her choreography.

Emilia describes dance as a magical tool, a way to materialize your feelings and desires. Dancing can be healing for the dancer’s soul, as well as for those who get to enjoy it. When she realized this ability, she started to appreciate the gift of dancing even more: “Perfection knows no bounds. And this only makes it more fun. keep learning, creating, and developing make life more beautiful”.

Talent Show on June 14th

Watch all of these ladies (and their five colleagues who introduce in part two) perform during the Talent Show on June 14th! This show will premiere around three o’clock CEST as part of the Talent Carnival Online Festival Experience.

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