Meet our Talent Show Talents (part 2)

Published on 8 June 2020 at 15:42

On June 14th our Talent Show will premiere as a film online! A whole new way of experiencing the Talent Carnival. We are very excited about this, and the talents are already training hard with their coach. All of this to give you the Talent Show we’ve been looking forward to since last year.

On June 7th we taped the show and we can tell you, you are in for a treat!

Time to introduce this year’s coached acts, in random order. Want to get to know the other 5 acts? Check out this article.


Photo by Ana Harff

For her choreography, Luisana was inspired by a special musical piece: “I was inspired 100% by this beautiful old-school rebetiko music, its lyrics, and its Greek-Anatolian roots. I'm in love with this piece since the first time I hear it so I wanted to use it on a very special occasion” (wow, we feel honored!).

Luisana has one very clear tip for all her fellow dancers: If you love to belly dance, do not miss the chance of being part of festivals and events! Not only to learn but also as a beautiful experience. There is always something for everyone in the bellydance community.


Photo by Peter Slagboom

For Leandra, music is also the main inspiration for choreography. In her fusion style, she does not let herself be limited by different dance styles. Could it be because her zodiac sign is Gemini? Leandra herself is far from a believer in horoscopes, but the description of a Gemini as someone with a high variety in interests and styles certainly fits.

“So I was not surprised that my choreography for Shimmy Shake shows both my classical me and my modern me. To the classical piece of Qasr al Shoq (Palace of love) by Mokthar al Said, I will perform a dance with both happy and classical outbursts of energy, and modern and controlled movements”.


In her dance, Clairsephoné is inspired by strong women. She feels most connected in her dance style, to the dances with a ceremonial spirit. For her Talent Show piece, she was especially inspired by “divine feminine empowerment that connects vulnerability and truth with strength”.

Clairsephoné joined the Talent Search because she longed to express herself and no longer hide. It was time to embody what she loves doing the most: dance! Until now, her experience had been great: “It is actually the first time that I feel seen and supported as a dancer”. Girl, you ROCK and are as strong as the women who inspire you.


Photo by Ben van Duin

All over the world, people have been staying at home because of the coronavirus. The theatres and other public places have been closed and everybody spent most of their time at home. While for a lot of people this can be really scary, but Jolijn used this feeling of confinement as an inspiration: “I’m feeling very confined at the time, but sometimes you get a chance to do something and break out of this feeling. But we are always back to being confined and closed up again”.

Besides dancing, Jolijn loves working in street theatre. She also works as a make-up artist, either being a living statue of doing make-up for big shows. She also performs with fire!


Photo by Nobu Sama

Iris is a true fusion dancer who in her dance, is always trying to find new ways of combining belly dance technique and contemporary dance together. Her list of dance inspirations is endless but at the moment she learns a lot from her teacher Silvia Orchidaceae, as well as all the other members of the Orchidaceae Company.

For her solo piece, she incorporates elements of capoeira into her choreography. “In the capoeira world, my inspirations are all the strong women that I have met there, who show you that perseverance and mental strength can get you to the places you want to be in, without losing one’s humble and warm side”.

Unfortunately, Iris could not travel to record her performance for the Talent Show. Hopefully, we will get to present and see her choreography another time.

Talent Show on June 14th

Watch all of these ladies (and their five colleagues who we will introduced before in part one) perform during the Talent Show on June 14th! This show will premiere around three o’clock CEST as part of the Talent Carnival Online Festival Experience.

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