Check out the entire Talent Carnival Online program here!

Published on 7 June 2020 at 10:36

Just a few more hours (ahhh!) until the Talent Carnival on Sunday, June 14th. The very first online edition. Although this digital form comes from necessity, we are now looking forward to it! We never thought possible, but we bring the complete Talent Carnival to your home.

A bazaar for shopping, an open stage to show your dancing skills, workshops, and of course the Talent Show, everything is present in this Online Festival Experience. Be ready to experience the Talent Carnival like never before!

Want to know what you can expect on June 14th? Check out the program below. All times indicated are in Central European Summer Time (Amsterdam time).

12:30 | Official Talent Carnival Opening

We will start the day with a greet to all of you from us! Join us and feel connected to the things we do and experience together.

12:30 | Start Online bazaar

Merhaba Orient-Shop (photo made during a previous event) will be one of our vendors. Photo by Merhaba Orient-Shop.

Welcome to the Shimmy Shake bazaar! A place of wonderful trinkets, the best belly dance clothing, beautiful jewelry and accessories, and of course the smell of delicious food. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you smell it?

Of course, we all know this year, everything is a little bit different. But what is the Shimmy Shake Talent Carnival without a bazaar?! That is why we gathered all the vendors for an online bazaar. Check out their products, order selected products directly via the Shimmy Shake website, or check out the vendor’s websites. We can even offer some special promotions for the Talent Carnival like free shipping for selected vendors and even private advice and online fitting consults by Hata Hari Tribal!

The Talent Carnival bazaar will open on June 14th at 12:30 and stay open until June 21st (or until all stock runs out). 100% off the purchases will go to the vendors.

12:40 | Power and Energy Yoga session by Sulayca

Get out of your head and into your body with some yoga. Together with the amazing Sulayca, we will start the Talent Carnival refreshed and energized. Look for a nice and quiet place, roll out your yoga mat (or a beach towel, of practice on your carpet), and join this 15-minute session.

13:00 + 14:00 | Open Stage Sharing Session in Stories

You too can share your skills during the Talent Carnival Online Festival Experience! Join us for the Instagram Open Stage.

How does it work? Film yourself performing, this may be an entire performance or just a minute of a song. Whatever you like! Share your performance during the Talent Carnival weekend (Saturday, June 13th or Sunday, June 14th) on Instagram using the hashtag #ShimmyShakeOpenStage. You can join from all over the world!

At 13:00 and 14:00 we will look at all the videos contributed and share some of them in our Instagram and Facebook stories.

Want to see all the other dancers perform? Make sure to follow #ShimmyShakeOpenStage on Instagram to see all the shared performances. All dance styles welcome!

13:40 | Workshop ITS by Alexis Southall

Alexis teaching during Shimmy Shake Festival 2018. Photo by Jean van Lingen

Our friend from Great Brittan will join us for a workshop! You may remember Alexis from the 2018 Shimmy Shake Festival. She is a fantastic dancer and an amazing teacher whose lessons are very easy to follow, whatever your dancing experience!

Join Alexis for this 20 minute mini-workshop and dive into the world of Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS).

14:40 | Workshop Flow by Kira Habibi Lal

Kira teaching during Shimmy Shake Festival 2019. Photo by Adriaan Kastelein.

She is back! Many of you really liked the workshops by Kira Habibi Lal during the 2019 Shimmy Shake Festival. That’s why we asked her to do a 20-minute mini-workshop during this Talent Carnival Online Festival Experience!

Expect Kira as you know her: her flowy, serpentine style of fusion belly dance.

15:00 | Premiere Talent Show with the 10 coached talents and several guest appearances

The main event of the Talent Carnival afternoon: The Talent Show!

In the past few months, we looked for inspiring dance talents all over the Netherlands (and abroad!) during the Talent Search. 10 acts were selected for coaching. These dancers will show the end result of their coaching in the Talent Show.

Want to get to know the Talents of 2020? Check out this article.

During the show, we will also welcome some guest performers! Among them, Nargis Bellydance, Aziza Gizeh, Shalini Shines, and Maya Acid Performance Troupe. We are so happy to be able to welcome all these dancers again. Do not miss this amazing show!

The Talent Show was pre-recorded on June 7th and will premiere as a film online on June 14th. After the premiere, the video will remain online for one week (until June 21st).

16:15 | Afterparty hosted by Greenstone Bellydance

Come together and celebrate Fusion Bellydance and the Talent Carnival via Zoom. The lovely Siobhan from Greenstone Bellydance will host this afterparty for us. Dance to the amazing Shimmy Shake Mix by DJ Socrates, catch up with each other, and most important: DANCE TOGETHER!

We are together remotely during the Talent Carnival <3