Festival program 2019

Saturday 14:00 | Workshop Balkan Folklore meets Oriental PWYW*

Gypsy vibes, togetherness, energy, footwork, pleasure and burning calories without you noticing, are all central to the folklore dances of the Balkans. Belly dancer Adrijana is of Serbian descent and has investigated how she can merge Middle Eastern dance with Balkan folk. This is your first chance to follow this new lesson which will be available as a course in her danceschool ‘Bellyssima’ starting 2020.

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Saturday 16:30 | Bellyfit with Leana PWYW*

Strong, Sexy, Sacred. Bellyfit is one of the hottest fitness trends this moment. Work on your condition, strength and flexibility with belly dance, fitness and yoga. All of this on some wonderfully stirring beats. The amazing Leana will lead you through this exciting workout. Leana is a Bellyfit instructor, as well as Bellyfit instructor-instructor.

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Sunday 12:00 | A Journey through Gypsy Dance - by Mena Leila PWYW*

Gypsies throughout the world live a life full of pain and joy. This is to be seen clearly in their dance. In this workshop/lecture Mena Leila takes you on a journey through India, via Andalusia, the Ottoman Empire ending up with a tambourine by a Romanian campfire. She will show you the basic dance steps and hand movements of the diverse styles and illustrate the history with a film projection. 

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