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Dancers Dealings: The Online Edition. Check out the program here

Just a few more days until the second edition of Dancers Dealings on May 17th. This time online! Get ready to jumpstart your business or dust off your entrepreneurial skills and get better then ever. It is a scary time right now, but it is also the time to distinguish yourself as a (professional) dancer or with your dance business.

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Experience our Talent Carnival in your Living Room

On June 14th its time for our Talent Carnival! Our one-day-summer-festival where Fusion Bellydance gets the spotlight. Normally we invite you all to the beautiful Theater ‘t Kapelletje but because of the corona threat, it will be a little different this year.

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Will You Help Us Make Our Marvelous Talent Carnival Happen?

At this moment it is still hard to imagine, but there will be a time when we can get together again. A time to have fun, dance together and make memories. Hopefully, and probably with some altercations to keep everybody safe, the Talent Carnival on June 14th in Rotterdam, will be such a day!

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Musicians & Dancers: Unite in Our Mystic Garden

Many dancers will tell you that dancing on live music is one of the best feelings in the world. Especially when the music you are dancing on, is made just for that moment. Music and dance become one, lifting the choreography to an all-in performance. Who does not want to experience such a thing?

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How to film a dance video in 10 easy steps

Now that the Shimmy Shake Talent Search has gone digital, you have to make a video of your choreography. For some of you, this may be a piece of cake, something you have done times and times before. But for others, this may be new (and maybe a bit frightening).

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